Automated Analysis of NeuroImaging Data

Date: Friday, October 30, 2015
Time: 14:00 - 17:00, followed by drinks
Location: Meeting room 3.5, SURF Utrecht, Hoog Overborch 4th floor (Hoog Catharijne, left of Albert Heijn)
Registration: Deadline October 29; open to all, register here
Organizer: NeuroInformatics.NL, program committee Rembrandt Bakker, Paul Tiesinga

"High troughput data acquisition systems for neuroimaging have become very powerful and widely available. The potential for scientific breakthroughs is enormous, but there is a show stopper: the human in the image analysis loop."

This is what we wrote two years ago to announce a workshop that focused on how far we can get with fully automated analysis algorithms that turn terabytes of data into manageable bits and pieces. In the 2015 workshop we focus on recent trends in automated analysis techniques, with exciting new developments in deep learning (Max Welling) and convolutional neural networks (Pim Moeskops, Mohsen Ghafoorian). But we will also learn that what we had two years ago is mature and ready to be put into medical practice (Wiro Niessen), guiding doctors in their assessment of the patient's health (Hugo Kuijf). The same mature techniques are assessed for their ability to consistently predict biomarkers in MR-based images measured from a variety of machine vendors and protocol parameters (Rembrandt Bakker). That said, there are still many image analysis challenges for which automated analysis is still in its infancy (Adrienne Mendrik).


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FD Article (Dutch)
13:45 Doors open and self-service coffee
14:00 Workshop introduction (Rembrandt Bakker)
14:05 Wiro Niessen
(Erasmus MC)
Quantitative imaging biomarkers in dementia research
14:30 Max Welling
(University of Amsterdam)
Deep learning applied to medical imaging
14:55 Adrienne Mendrik
(Utrecht University)
Challenges for automatic MR Brain Image Analysis
15:15 Tea break
15:40 Rembrandt Bakker
(Radboud Univ. Nijmegen)

Consistent estimates of Hippocampal Volume across
a diverse set of MRI images
16:00 Pim Moeskops
(Utrecht University)
Automatic segmentation of MR brain images using a convolutional neural network
16:15 Mohsen Ghafoorian
White matter hyperintensity segmentation using location-sensitive convolutional neural networks
16:30 Hugo Kuijf
(Utrecht University)
Automated detection of markers of cerebral small vessel disease
16:45 Wrap-up (Paul Tiesinga)
17:00 After the meeting, all are invited to join in a walk to Biercafe Olivier to have afterthoughts over beer.

Walking directions from Utrecht Central Station

  • At Utrecht Central Station leave the main hall in the direction of shopping centre Hoog Catharijne or 'Centrum'.
  • After some 100 meters you will see a branch of ABN AMRO bank on your right. Turn right here and walk into the 'Godebaldkwartier'.
  • After 250 meters you will see the entrance to office building Hoog Overborch to the left of grocery store Albert Heijn. Go through the entrance and ring the doorbell at SURF.
  • Take the elevator to the 4th floor.
Friday, October 30, 2015 - 14:00
SURF Utrecht (left of Albert Heijn Hoog Catharijne), meeting room 3.5
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